pic: Full Metal Jacket

If you are building a tank, build it like a tank.

I like this. A lot. I really wish we could get a hold of about 4-6 Aluminum pulleys for our treads (the lower, outer four or the lower six).

The new revision of the AM pulleys is significantly more robust, but we’re beating them to death. To be clear, that isn’t to say we’ve broken one. It’d just be annoying to have to switch pulleys out at competition.

We’ve discussed trying to pull off aluminum pulleys, but I haven’t yet identified anyone to do it for us.

Are those one piece or two different pulleys?

You don’t have to worry about finding little black plastic pieces lying around the playing field any more. We’re designing up a shield to go around our drive pulleys after seeing the kind of beating they took.

nice pulley!

I got to see them in action at our practice event last week. They look pretty good in person too. Seemed to work pretty well as well

We were still running the original plastic drive pulleys (am-2234, in the Rhino kit) for that scrimmage. Impacts on the wooden defenses, esp. Rough Terrain, cause them to shatter.

Since then we have made aluminum driven pulleys to match our aluminum track pulleys; hence the photo title. We will running these against steel defenses for the first time tomorrow at Kettering.

… If the Harrison shop hadn’t sold off their dividing head years ago, you’d be in luck (although that would be a LOT of manual milling). When you have the right machine tools, anything is possible.