pic: Full Practice Field in Novi, MI - Open to All Teams

After being inspired by the practice field at last year’s IRI, Frog Force decided to construct their own this year. After roughly 33 sheets of regolith and hours of work, we finally have a full-scale field. Anyone interested in coming into our shop to get some practice time in or test autonomous is welcome. Please email me at leslie.n.davies@gmail.com to let me know what times you want to come in. We generally are at our build site weekdays from 6-9pm, and all day on Saturday. Come join us!

Our shop is located on the Novi/Livonia border near the 8 mile/Haggerty Road intersection right next to the AMC theater.

Thanks to our sponsor Magna Automotive Seating for providing us with the needed space, and Freescale Semiconductor for funding our field.

We hope to see you soon!

Man, i wish we could come…

But we are in Colorado…

Oh well.

Good luck at competition.

You guys should all come here, its amazing! :yikes: even if our in Colorado!
there is also a taco bell near by for midnight snacks!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say, that would be an amazing night.

Taco bell + robotics.


!!!omg that is amazing!!!

You are guys are awesome for offering your field. Well have fun during the build season and good luck!

I wish we had sponsors that were that great, we dont have money that could reach anywhere near that

Michigan teams competing at Cass Tech this weekend,

Frog Force invites you to spend some of your 8 hour “Robot Access Period” for this week at our field including Sunday. We are available Sunday 1-6, and weekdays from 6-9. We have already had several teams use our facility and have got great reviews. Bring an extension cord, safety glasses, an outlet strip, and bring all the moon rocks you can with your team number on them, and a trailer if you own one. We only have two trailers and thirty moon rocks.

If you’re interested, email mentor Ann Kowalczyk at amkowalczyk@gmail.com, or call 248-345-8197.

Also if you are competing at any other districts, we would love to have you at our shop, and just email us if you’re interested.

A map to our location is located here on Google Maps

haha looks a lot like ours… its great to have a field that you can use and pack up to ship, even if it is a slight pain :yikes: …lol but have fun with it…we have fun with ours lol