pic: Fully Automatic Tee Shirt Cannon - Pic 2

So, I know this thread is older, but my team is looking to build a t-shirt launcher for parades, football games, etc., and we really like this design. We were hoping we could use the design. Of course, we wouldn’t take it as our own design, we would make sure to give you full credit, but we would make some slight modifications to fit our needs. We were wondering if we could use it and if we can, if we could have the measurements, schematics, any information on how to build it, and a BOM? Thank you.

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If you don’t hear anything back from the original poster, go ahead. Anything posted on Chief Delphi (especially if posted by the team that developed it) is implicitly understood to be an idea that is “published” to the FRC community, even within build/competition season. After seven years, it’s difficult to even **imagine **anyone taking offense that you copied elements of a design not intended for competition. Acknowledging that you borrowed an idea, inspiration, or design on something produced by another FRC team is a good and laudable example of GP. To quote “young Spock” from Star Trek (2009): “It is morally praiseworthy but not morally obligatory.”

(On an unrelated note, I have hoped for the last several years that someone with the appropriate video editing skills would accompany Supertramp’s “The Logical Song” audio to video of Spock throughout Star Trek history, and especially young Spock in 2009. Hint! Hint!)

I would recommend also looking at team 254’s Shockwave. Similar design I think. They have some documentation on their website. http://team254.com/shockwave/

Sure, go ahead. Other than what is available in this thread, I don’t have any measurements, schematics, or BOM in any easily accessible format anymore. Unfortunately, it looks like all the old Imageshack links broke and Geocities was shut down a year after this thread was made.

I would recommend also checking out 254’s Shockwave; overall it’s a much cleaner and better design.