pic: Fun Bevel Gearbox Idea

I CADed this drive for fun one day this summer. I figured it might start an interesting discussion, so I decided to post a render.

Care to share some specs, maybe a transmission close-up?

I’ll admit, the “window” gearbox looks kinda cool.

Let’s just refer to the quote in my signature.

Reminds me of an idea I once had for a “parallel radial” engine.

That looks a lot like a duke engine.

Aw, crap. I guess “almost novel” is kind of like “almost pregnant.”

8 CIM drive?
Can you say “Popped our main breaker”?
Don’t worry, you will!

Actually if teams use the current monitoring properly, a team could maximize the time motors spend in their peak efficiency range (errr, closer to peak at least) and still get large output output torques (less torque per motor, more torque overall).

If done right you’d get a decent performance increase and exactly ride whatever line you set in terms of net current draw.

That’s the biggest “if” I’ve heard this week.

Not really.

In many industries torque/current control is THE standard form of control.

It wouldn’t be crazy to limit max current to some time varying value.

A large percentage of the three-phase motor controllers I work on in my day job go to customers who use them to limit the peak current during starting, especially if they have high inertia loads such as conveyor belt systems, (down-hole) pumps and rock crushers. All the motor controllers (ours and our competitors) have a “current limit” parameter that the user sets via the keypad.

That actually looks pretty cool and crazy fun!

Care to share some specs, maybe a transmission close-up?

I’ll try to get a transmission pic up soon. Its two stage and single speed gearbox, with a roughly 7 to 1 gear ratio(1.8 itcr). On a four inch andymark wheel, it should be traction limited. I thought about designing a custom ball shifting version, but I only spent a couple hours on this design, so I never got around to it.

8 CIM drive?
Can you say “Popped our main breaker”?
Don’t worry, you will!

I don’t really disagree, but I find it interesting you would say that without hearing what the final gear ratio is. :wink:

Thanks! :smiley:
Unfortunately, I don’t think our team will even be considering this idea because of budget constraints. I think it would be cool to see how this drive would work in real life though. It would certainly save belly pan space! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the V8!

You both are correct. The final gear ratio was not stated, and torque limiting over time could be quite advantageous.

That said, with the size of fields we play on and the wheels that are available to us, 6 CIM drive seems to be about the limit of practicality.

Please don’t get me wrong, I really like this design both for it’s creativity and it’s aesthetic. I would love to see how it actually performs. I know with the right final gear ration, you could drive it continuously at full speed without tripping a breaker. The carpet might not like it, but that’s not the point of this design. :yikes:

Looks more like a 4 CIM + 4 mini-CIM, if I’m not mistaken

Can you comment on what exact gears you would use if you were to make this?

Dumb question: How would one remove a motor for maintenance, if needed? There doesn’t seem to be much access.