pic: Fun Bevel Gearbox Idea

We had 4 CIMs/4 Mini-CIMs on our drivetrain and didn’t ever pop the breaker. That being said, we got a little lucky

I love the outside the box thinking, looks like it was fun to work on!

I thought the same right when I saw the render but now I’m envisioning some sort of twist-lock being used to hold the motors in place.

I know I’d love to see this in reality.

Just a few questions i guess. It looks like you are using 4 bevel gears.

If you are using 4 would you not be loosing a large amounts of mechanical efficiency?
I love the idea i just think that using that many bevels would be a mistake even though it is a pretty sleek design.

If you have access to a mill, lathe, indexing head, and pedestal grinder of any size, you can actually make your own bevel gears and regular gears to save a little on costs. Look up “how to make a gear hob”. If you have a community college in your area, they might have a machine shop you could use.

Nice design for the gearbox. Looks like it can save on valuable horizontal real estate.

I’d love to see a 2 CIM version so you could have a “V-Twin” or even a 1 CIM that looks like a 1900ish motorcycle engine or model airplane engine. :smiley:

I actually designed this gearbox with four mounting points for motors, partially so that I could mess around with different motor configurations. :slight_smile:

It sound like an awesome process to learn about. Unfortunately, my team has never had access to a pedestal grinder. :frowning:

Of course there’s no time like the present! we just got done building a CNC router on a super tight budget, so I feel like we might be able to make something work. :slight_smile:

Just like on any other transmission, each motor has a pinion gear on it, but there is only one large bevel gear on each side of the drive. Because these transmissions only have two stages of reduction, they shouldn’t be any less efficient than you average gearbox.

Questions aren’t dumb! :slight_smile:
I didn’t put a ton of thought into it, but my first instinct was a ball-end hex wrench.

I cant say for sure, I already had the CAD for these bevel gears sitting around in my computer. Although, I think the model originally cam from a QTC online catalog, so you could probably buy them there.

We’ve had 6 CIMs/ and 2 mini CIMs,
4 of the CIMs were powering our drive and 2 CIMs + 2 minis were powering out shooter, we have yet to pop a breaker. :slight_smile:

That’s not the same as all motors in drive…

We also had 2 CIMs on our thrower

Wow! that’s a lot of CIMs.

I just realized that over 25 lbs of you robot was made up of CIM motors. :ahh:
At least 21% of you robots mass was CIM motors.