pic: Fun Times at IRI

A series of pictures involving 2 championship Woodie Flowers Awards Winners and 1 regional Woodie Flowers award winner, Paul Copioli, Ken Patton, and Karthik Kanagasabapathy, messing around during the practise Friday night at IRI.

hahahahaha… I knew that the mentors go crazy too just like us.

Whew… I was just thinking that its just me and tytus who did crazy things, like piggy back rides, throw each other around, beat each other up. Now looks like Paul, Karthik and Ken had some fun too.

… I love FIRST.

When do we sign up for volunteering at IRI 2006?

Im suprised the Neon Green Bellied Copioli wasnt shaking in his boots, i guess he thought he could rough people up cause i wasnt around, Next Year PAUL!!! :-p

Hahaha, I’m surprised that you got shots of this, Karthik and Paul were both running pretty fast!

Who leaked the secret pictures? Who failed at their job of destroying the evidence? Shouldn’t these be hidden away with JFK pictures and such.

Just kidding, glad someone is having fun with robotics this summer.

Haha that’s so awesome…wow I wish I was there!

I wish there was video of this, because he squealed like a pig.

What you don’t see is after Karthik jumped on my back I spun him around and around and dumped him on the ground. Then I picked him up and rammed him into the center goal. Then I proceeded to hang him on the crossbar of the center goal. He hung there for a good 10 seconds before he could get down.

I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

What happens when 120lbs of Ccanadian runs into 200lbs of ThunderChicken?

See picture above.


You’re being a bit generous there, aren’t you Paul? :slight_smile:

Thats true Paul. But you gotta remember what makes up 115 pounds of Karthik’s body weight. Its that big head of his.

Hey, what can I say? I’m a lover, not a fighter. :slight_smile:

Next year I’ll be more prepared. i.e. I’ll hide behind Big Mike.

hey if me and jeff had to run from paul then i dont know about big mike haha.