pic: FVC 102 Robot


Here is the robot FVC 102 is bringing to the 2006 Championship. It can collect balls from both the auto feeder and floor. It specializes in rapid corner goal scoring and it has a solid drive system. It can carry a lot of balls in the hopper.

Be sure to stop by the pit to get a detailed info sheet. Also check out our school’s other team FVC 101 and their awesome robot.

That robot looks solid and capable! Should do well on da Vinci.

Here are links to photos of a few other robots that may appear there also:

FVC 0001 FVC 0034 FVC 0098 FVC 0124 FVC 0127 FVC 0145

These photos were taken during inspection at the St. Louis FVC Pilot event in December 2005, so the robots may look different now.