pic: FVC 2024 teaser


I see…Blurred Vex Parts or parts to a Half-Track Drive (Half Tread/Half Wheel drive system)

The upper part may also be a track system for an arm, a la Simbotics (and many others) in Half-Pipe Hustle.

tank pickup system.

All purpose wheel drive

chain and gear arm lift?

all wrong, sorry

Did Dave put you upto this?

It’s a fuzzy picture, with nothing obviously useful showing.
What appears to be random vex parts. If someone runs it
through photoshop and finds a banana I’ll have all the proof
I need.

Can we have a riddle instead?

I spy non slip pad!

Me and my brother were doing some testing with it and found that if done right it can be used to make the tank treads much more grippy. We made one test module with it that was easily able to pick up and hold three balls at once. Are you using it for some sort of ball intake?

just wondering, what VEX event will you participate or have participated in this year?

ding ding you win the golden banana!!

just wondering, what VEX event will you participate or have participated in this year?

the georgia qualifier, or duluth or whatever they are calling it. the one in georgia thats not champs, then hopefully the one that is champs.

:eek: Someone pull the knives out of my eyes.

omg! nonslip pad, why didnt we think of that!!

thats why our tank treads didnt pick up!

oh well, I still think rollers are better for picking up these balls than tank treads.

Tony, please do not do that thing I told you not do.
How much nonslip pad are you allowed to use/ can we get a little more of a int as to how this bad boy is going to work?
I can’t wait to see the bot at competition.

And oh yeah, your VEX parts… are mixed with the FIRST teams an Wheeler’s Vex Team’s. Have fun sorting through them Saturday after kick-off.

ok ok ok, i’ll give tell you what they are without the blurring.
it is:
a tank tread set-up on a bar, aproximatly 10" long
an all purpose(4") wheel without the tire tread.
a thin strip of non-slip mat
a 60 tooth gear touching a 36 tooth gear
a small wheel
and 7 bananas