pic: FVC 3144(1138) Teaser


The only picture we’ll be releasing of our vex bot for now.

My assumption is some form of 2-staged arm, each with a tread and a static plate to move the balls into the high goal. Worked pretty well for FVC 116 :cool:

Any pics?

i am thinking of some mechanism to launch balls into the lower goal while holding onto the atlas ball and grasping the bar.

if your holding the atlas ball and hanging whats to stop someone from turing the platform so the atlas ball is on thier side?
although, the solution for that is of course ball drive on the atlas ball! if you’re on your side of the field you get the 2x. and if your only touching the atlas ball and the bar no floor you get the hang.

well i didn’t point out there is also a little mechanism that is holding the ball on the ground and thus you need to rotate the entire platform while the fricition of the atlas ball too.

…also did i say the ball was in the air?

What about just a simple thing to hold onto the atlas ball and pick it up and over the bar? :wink:

Still doesn’t keep them from rotating the platform at the end of the match to put the atlas ball on their side.

my thought is to hold it above the bar and be able to easily mov it from one side to the other so if they turn the platform you can adjust the ball to be on your side again.

Even better: Make such adjustments slight enough that gravity will take over when the robot’s disabled.

Of course, that can still be beat if another robot’s really spinning the platform, but I don’t think it’ll spin that well for that long.