pic: FVC Team 12 - Unlimited capping their goal

Team 12 was the only team to successfully cap their stationary goal at the WPI scrimmage.

How successful were they at capping? And what else happened at the scrimmage?

If someone has a video of any Vex bots that would be awesome!

If my memory serves me right (been a long day) I think they capped the goal twice out of 15 qualifying matches and eliminations (10 teams). Other teams tried to pick up the big ball but failed because the devices they built weren’t strong enough to hold the ball (here comes the redesign). As you can see from the other picture only one team tried to hang and they were not that successful. If they reinforced their arm they might have been able to hang.

The scrimmage proved to be very educational to all of the teams and they still have two weeks to make their robots better so hopefully at Atlanta they will be able to do more.

As far as I know no one took any video at the scrimamge, sorry. Maybe someone has video from working on their robot.

Just a small correction - that would be FVC team 13 (Sharon Eagle Robotics Unlimited) capping the goal. Out of 6 qualifying matches, the team capped in the final two successfully - it was the continual evolution of a design that was planned only to cap the movable goal, but was modified for the extra reach needed to cap the fixed goal.

We feel that the scrimmage was a great success, and our team was proud and happy to participate. Our thanks for the efforts of the dedicated WPI and FIRST staff, as well as all the great participating teams, that made the day such a memorable one!

We are want DETAILS!!!

How many teams participated?

Anyone have more pictures of the robots?

What sort of shooting percentages did teams have?

If nobody hung successfully and it looks like only one team capped, what were the typical scores?

Do balls fall from the Chute into the mobile goal (assuming it is in place and has the 2X ball knocked off)? If so, how many out of 18 typically stayed in?

Do Tell!!!

Joe J.

WOW! that’s way cool! congrads…the bot looks great too! can’t wait to see more and get more details…really seems like this is gonna be a great program and it’s great that the scrimmage went well.

how many teams are register in FVC???

That’s pretty amazing, the games at nationals ought to be really amazing. I’d also like to know about how many teams were at the WPI Scrimmage.

*How many teams participated? *
10 Teams (3 of students from 190, 7 others from other MA schools)

Anyone have more pictures of the robots?
There were not many photos being taken… most teams were still constructing (some from virtually start to finish) their robots throughout the day.

What sort of shooting percentages did teams have?
Same as FIRST, some teams were better than others. Average number of balls in towards the end of the day was about 4-5. I’d put shooting percentage under 50% in most matches (true for the winning alliance)

If nobody hung successfully and it looks like only one team capped, what were the typical scores?
Typical score was 20-15. By the end of qualifiers they got a little higher. High score was 60 I believe. 50 was hit twice, once due to capping, once due to HP scoring only.

Do balls fall from the Chute into the mobile goal (assuming it is in place and has the 2X ball knocked off)? If so, how many out of 18 typically stayed in?
As far as I remember, no one got the mobile goal over with the ball off in time. Several got close but didn’t get the red ball moved quick enough.

Some others things from the day that might be helpful:

  • I believe there was only one time that both yellow balls were knocked off before 30 seconds, releasing the dump early. Very few times as well that the bonus balls ended up on the floor or scored.
  • When there are a bunch of small balls against the driver station wall on the floor, it is very very hard for the drivers to see (much worse than the FRC game). Remind your stage team to look for them.
  • Be careful of robots going into the HP Zone and HPs reaching onto the field to grab balls. Problem was equally, if not more prevelant than in the FRC game.
  • Getting to the hanging bar has the same challenges of narrow passage or step up. The team that finally got to the bar (only occured once) took 3/4 of the match to get there. Then again, a hanging robot no doubt would have won every match. It’s value vs. difficulty is definitely worth discussion.
  • Lastly, strategy matters. The winning alliance had a visible game plan when they went out for matches and it paid off. Simple and smart can take you far.

Hope this is helpful. I had tons of fun working at this event and the games got pretty exciting in the elimination rounds. Especially with the big ball through, it takes practice and building game elements to really be successful, so practice!

Our teams (Vex 13 - Sharon Eagle Robotics Unlimited and Vex 44 - Sharon Eagle Unlimited AngelBots) have posted some additional photos from the WPI scrimmage on our Vex website - link at http://eaglevex.home.comcast.net/WPIscrimmage.htm.
The scrimmage was great fun, and very helpful in design tuning. We met some great folks from the Vex teams, WPI and FIRST! And, of course, we look forward to seeing everyone in Atlanta next week!