pic: FVR 1731


Fresta Valley Robotics Challenger ready for an awesome qualifier

here’s 1731 waiting to be unleashed … im thinking this is an extremely flattering picture of our bot :smiley:

Did anyone use the omnis agianst you? Im talking about people hitting your corners, thus spinning you when you didnt want to be spinned.

Looks interesting other than that.

the fact that we had our drive wheels mounted in the middle really kinda negated any effect that ramming us in the corner might have. last year we did have omni wheels in front and drive wheels in back, but since our turret could spin in any direction quickly it wasn’t really an issue.

we decided to go with six wheels this year, and that gave us the same kind of instantaneous reaction we needed. if we got hit in the corner we could turn almost instantly instead of having to swing our front end around. also, since the drive wheels are in the middle, their traction is evenly distributed. if someone hits you in any corner, alot of the impact is taken by the drive wheels, no matter which corner it is.

it really is an awesome drive train, turns literally on a dime, and it’s super fun to drive (although i think it’d be even more fun to drive one of the sparky triplets with those mecanum wheels :))

driving with the mecanum wheels is really cool!
you guys were great alliance partners!!


it was great working with 1086 alex. you guys had a great attitude and put up quite a few points for us … we definitely appreciate it