pic: G-Wrath comes out of retirement...

Our programmers are hard at work developing software for our 2013 robot. They’ve got PID running, and we’re shooting Frisbees through goals.

Any guesses on robot design?

That claw looks a bit big for picking up frisbees…But I take it that you’re shooting at a particularly high angle?

We are. The claw was part of our 2011 manipulator; it isn’t to pick up frisbees. The idea reminds me of 254’s 2012 video, where their 2011 robot scored baskets with a ball in it’s claw…

It appears your shooting mechanism is also your human loader mechanism. Maybe even a ground pickup mechanism as well.

I think he forgot the sarcasm signs.

I figured out it was your 2011 robot, funnily enough. :rolleyes: How’re your tests coming along, if you don’t mind me asking? Are frisbee physics dramatically degrading as the angle increases?

This was one of our major concerns, and this setup was created to test that. We’ve done a lot of testing, and although the frisbees don’t go very far (like, 15 feet), they score very nicely into the three and two point goals. In fact, they seem to defy the laws of physics, they fly straignt as an arrow until they lose speed and glide down backwards.

We’ve also been driving it around to test alignment. I’m pleased to note that it’s very easy to aim with it and align to the feeder stations.

Looks like the 3 7/8ths or 4 7/8ths Banebot wheels. What’s the speeds you’re running? From what I’ve heard, if you get the frisbee going at a fast enough speed, physics don’t exactly apply for a distance. Evidently, this distance might be 15ft.

They are the 3 7/8" Banebot wheels. Cal, if you are interested in discussing our shooter design more detail, feel free to PM me.