pic: Gael Force 126 Teaser Poster

Timmy, Does this mean you won’t be done by ship date??? :ahh: That’s good news for the rest of us. :wink:

There’s something in the air…literally.

I spy me a gael force bot in the sky

Hmm looks like some pretty extensive playing field damage there. You might want to dial your trackball hurdling mechanism down a bit…

well if you flooded the field/arena, the trackball would float, right?

I just can’t stop thinking about how scary if would be if a flaming 126 robot came out of the dark right now…

Uh oh?

Well it kinda looks like it might be an oil derrick/pump. You guys going for the crude hidden under the Georga Dome this year?

cloverfield was an awsome movie

Tim they let you drive the robot for 5 minutes and half of New York is missing… Must be one powerful robot you guys are working on there at Nypro.



? :slight_smile:

^ OMG! That looks like an awesome ride ^

You should go to cedar point and try it out for yourself!

I have to ask…

is the gigantic monster COTS?

yes, but it is probably a bit over $ 400. :slight_smile:


robots in disguise? LOL umm yaa so is it a punter bot?

Wow, that looks exactly like the ride/thingy in the air above the SOL.

This actually makes cloverfield make a bit more sense.

Chris McKenzie

Good movie though…

um… thats thier 05 or 07 bot in the sky from the looks of it /shrug…

Hi Tim :smiley:
I have a question are we playing the same game? We at TJ2 are trying to go under water and with you on the surface maybe we would make good partners. oh yeah??? OH YEAH !!! Take care your OLD BUD from the NE
MOE and TJ2 :yikes:

I’m pretty sure that picture is from King’s Island, though those rides are probably pretty common: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLh-j_FCy2c

And it is pretty much a blast.