pic: Gael Force 2008

The 2008 Gael Force robot. It can go under the 30" bar, climb onto the puck, hang from the bar, balance the ramp, occupy all 5 zones, rattle the chains, reach the top spiderleg, and knock down all of the tupperware.

Oh, and it can hurdle a trackball. Come say hi in Manchester, Hartford, and Atlanta!

You forgot to include Triple Play.

Nice though, any videos up?

very versatile, but i don’t believe that being able to hang from the bar is legal this year, sorry

looks a lot lighter than it did at the shakedown, looks good guys… good luck

i didn’t see this in referee training manuals AT ALL :stuck_out_tongue:

another great lookin machine from gael force…gl this year

Looking sharp, guys… can’t wait to see you in ATL!

Can it lift 2 bots for bonus points? I didn’t think so. . .

<G34> Arena Interaction - ROBOTS may push or react against any elements of the arena, provided
there is no damage or disruption of the arena elements. ROBOTS may not grab, grasp,
grapple, or attach to any arena structure. If a ROBOT violates this rule, the TEAM will be
given one warning. If the referee determines that the TEAM is disregarding the warning,
their ROBOT will be disabled for the remainder of the MATCH. ROBOTS that become
entangled in the arena elements will not be freed until after the MATCH has finished, unless
the entanglement represents a safety hazard.

I could see why it didn’t come up, but it is against the rules

Looks like another quality machine from the Gael Force folks.


pimp as always timmy

Haha… yeah. That was our 2007 robot with our prototype grabber bolted on top. It weighed 160 lbs! :ahh:

Looks like another quality Gael Force robot. Can’t wait to see it in action. See you guys in Atlanta.

Mike M.