pic: Gael Force 2010 Playing Field

Team 126 is once again fortunate enough to have Nypro provide us with a huge area for our playing field. We have built a full size and fairly accurate version of the 2010 playing field.

If you’re in the New England area and would like to come and test your prototypes/robots on our field, email me at tim DOT baird AT nypro DOT com to schedule a visit.
We hope to see you soon!

So jealous!!!

man i am so jealous right now wish our team had one

Very nice :slight_smile: we may have to pack up for a fieldtrip to go play.

This looks really REALLY good Tim. Looks like you guys spent a lot of time on it! Thank you very much for this wonderful service to all the teams in the area. Team 190 sure is thankful to have had a place like this to come and test during the season.

Very nice! Wish our team could make one of those.

What’s that in the background? Old Robots?


Yep! Good eye. We hang all of our old robots from the ceiling around the playing field & work area (aside from '92, which is in a trophy case).

Really? Very cool. That’s some facility.

Our robots are kept in a case that must be arranged yearly to play some game.


Wow, looks good guys. I will miss being able to come down and play there. :mad: It truly became a highlight of build season for me. See you at GSR!!!

sweet re-creation…too bad we won’t have one for a while… maybe…

Nice field! You will get some great driver practice on that thing!

Extremely jealous. I love the care for detail in adding the alliance colors. You’ll have some fun on that field.

I don’t see a center gate, how do you plan to place a robot in the midfield?

Where do you guys get all this money? Man, I wish our team had a space half that size, or money to build half a field.

Looks great.

You don’t miss a thing! We actually installed it about an hour after this picture was taken. It was one of the last modifications we did to the field.