pic: Gael Force 2010 Robot

Here is the 2010 Gael Force robot.

visit www.mikemullinax.com for more pictures and video

very impressive robot. I’m loving the lifter!

nice bot, is that yellow tape holding the motors for the ball manip.?

Are those going to be your competition bumpers? I am a little scared about the gap where we can see your frame in the corner.

This is the practice robot so some things will be slightly different(never got a chance to take some good shots before we shipped)

The yellow tape is just there to hold the wires in place.

Speaking of colors, that blue looks a little dark!!

Good looking bot nonetheless…I love the climber! Good luck and see you in a few days!

I thought so, but then again I have color issues.

The robot climbing up the arm is the sweetest part of the entire bot. Very cool.

What do the white balls below the spinner motors do ?

My guess is to prevent the robot from riding up on a ball.

Looks good, but not like a Gaelforce robot with those bumpers. Where’s the green?

I’m just now realizing how wierd robots might look without what have become traditional bumper colors for certain teams. With minimal other parts sticking up to put team colors on it may be tought to tell teams apart period.

Agreed! The only robot that looks close to previous years is 148 only when they are on the red alliance.

Can’t wait to see this bot in a couple of days, and there better be some Gael Force Green on it!:wink:

EDIT: Do you have any plans to have guards so balls can’t go 3 inches in on the sides?

Sweet lifter! Have any video of your ball manipulator? I’m really interested in how that thing works.

Can I say I am in love?

Perhaps that is too strong, but I am certainly crushin’ on those ball wheels. Any chance to can upload a video of the ball magnet/centerer in action?

I tried to noodle though something like that made of belts but it was just too complex. Now I see the simplicity that I was blind to before.

Nice job as always, Gael Force.

Joe J.

The kicker is interesting, very interesting. I’m liking the overall robot. I hope to see you guys at Championships (that is if we go too :rolleyes:)

That’s a pretty sweet looking ball manipulation system…I wonder who helped make it…

dude i know right?? too bad the motors arent that strong…will gaelforce finally have a vac??? HMMMM??? who knows?

Thanks Joe! Also, thanks for the detailed posting of the capabilities of FP motors. It was useful information to have while figuring out our eventual 3276:1 reduction for the lifter :slight_smile: