pic: Gael Force Buttons

Here is the entire collection of Gael Force buttons given out this year. Which ones did you get?

I’d like to thank tia for making all of these possible

Hehehehe… I was fortunate enough to get an “Andy <3 's Hanson” Pin.

I’ll keep my eye open for any on eBay…

Here’s a clearer picture of it…for the people that didn’t get to see it.

Note: Not my design, this was allll 126. I just requested the picture to tease Andy about it :wink:

PS - Im still upset that I lost my Andy <3 Hanson pin!



I have three out of those five pins and soon I’ll be in the possession of a fourth: the coveted Grady pin. I never saw the fifth one though. Cool pins; gotta collect them all :slight_smile: .

well jess i’ll talk to tia and see if she has any more of the hanson pin left

p.s. i took the picture of andy thats on the button it was from the BAE regional then tia (TiA126) photoshopped andy into it :smiley:

heres another andy hanson picture

Andy hanson.bmp (77.6 KB)

Andy hanson.bmp (77.6 KB)