pic: Galileo from above...WAY above!

Picture shot by Guy Johnson of our team catching the balls from the ball dump. Wow! What a view!

How was this photo taken, was there a camera on the overhead trusses?

That is, by far, the best picture I’ve ever seen of one of the playing fields!

Congrats to who ever took it (and whoever won that match :D)


Im having an out of robot experience! :ahh:

quick someone plug my battery back in

im dying!


Guy Johnson is the photographer who took this picture. He was up in the catwalks for about an hour a couple times during the competition.

Guy is our official team photographer and does it out of his love of our team and FIRST and out of an appreciation for a REALLY COOL PICTURE! He is also the father of one of our team mentors from Plexus (Mike Johnson) and grandfather to one of our team members (Jeremy Johnson). It’s a family thing!


Oh, I forgot. Our alliance won the match.

BTW, I will be posting more pics from Guy in the next couple weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for more heart-stoppers like this one.


Guy is an awesome phtographer. You should see how big some of the files are when we upload them (over 50 mgs for a jpg!).

(oh btw, we won the match :wink: (edit: Awww, ya beat me to it Schuff!))

That is by far the best aerial picture of a playing field that I have ever seen.

This is one SWEET!! pic. If im looking at it right this is qualifying match 13, when my team (263) was paired w/ 93. That was a great match. Btw, 93 is the robot under the ball drop catching the balls, and 263 is the robot holding the 2x ball (altho its a lil hard to see our bot)