pic: Garnet Squadron FRC 4901 Legendary-Tier Wiring

We decided that being a rookie team is no excuse for not having level 9001 wiring. Please excuse the “Dedotated Wam” jokes my team loves to label everything.

Looks nice. You made sure the cRIO is electrically isolated from the metal plate underneath, right?

Yep! Made a special Lowe’s run for nylon bolts, and we had some extra corrugated plastic to stick underneath. If that doesn’t isolate it, I’d be shocked.


You had so much resistance to making that joke Billfred…

Looks gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the rest of it.

Ohm my… electrical jokes are so current…

See you guys in Orlando!

I’m sure Voltage will be there too…

Seriously was there ever a Team Current to go with Voltage (386) and Resistance (86)?

Watt’s with all the puns?

Hard to resist laughing. Looks very nice guys!

Billfred is involved.

We’re all a little short on sleep so they are sparking way more laughter than they should.

That looks real nice - clean like FRC 4656 Rock Solid’s robot from last year…

It is nice to see rookie teams pushing so hard so early - your students must be proud of their planning and work!