pic: GBX-114 improved

GBX-114 with all the screws and with the bottom bearing assembly visible.

Great looking renders! Is that bottom plate the only way it mounts to the frame? How thick is it?

How much does this version weigh with the hardware?

Yes, it only mounts by the bottom. I have it constrained quite securely via the delrin sliders you can see int he back. There are only two, so I might make them bigger.

8.92lbs with the minicim, 6.52lbs without it. The minicim mount isn’t shown in this picture, but t’s in the final version.
I really dislike how much weight was added by the shifter, so I’m going to mess around with it to try and decrease that.

What is the CIM clearance for the wires?

Also, I’m still confused what the bearing system is on this. Is it held up by the plastic block, or is that just to keep the module from falling out? If not the block, what does hold he robot up?

CIM clearance is 0.625" to the ground, but 0.75" from where the wires come out.

So underneath the bottom plate there is a steel shim. Below that is the large turning gear. This constrains the module in normal, still conditions. To stop the module from jumping out the bottom, there are some delrin blocks that slide on top of the bottom plate. These have a 0.004" clearance to the plate, and they stop the module from jumping out from the bottom. If you download the cad you’ll see it.


I’m away from my computer right now.

If I’m understanding corectly, the weight of the robot is siting on a steel shim washer, that is siting on an aluminum turning gear.

If that is the case, I would highly recommend changing it to use an IGUS thrust washer or a bronze thrust washer.

Would you know where to source a 3" inner diameter washer, or would I just have to cut one myself?

I’m not sure, you might be ablessed to get one from IGUS, but at that diameter, they might be too thick. I would personally recommend the use of a ball thrust bearing.