My best swerve yet by far. Weight is somewhere betweeen 50 and 60lbs, we’re not sure and we don’t care to find out. Uses 3 modules because we only had 3 9:1 stages for the versaplanetaries for the turning motors and were too cheap to pick up another.
Uses the team 221 wild swerve.

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Wow, this is your most realistic looking cad render yet :stuck_out_tongue:
10/10 :wink:

Your frame could definitely use a more aggressive lightening pattern.

How is it like to drive 3 wheel swerve?
Is there some video?


We got a 221 wild swerve module set a few years back and built a simple 8020 frame around them hoping to get a prototype swerve bot for possible future designs. We have yet to get it functioning though due to being bad with loose chain runs, too cheap to use anything other than old parts on it, and generally lazy. :rolleyes:

On an unrelated note, what are those custom electronics attached to the tops of the Talons in that picture?

The custom circuits are MVRT’s pass at a breakout board for sensors to improve the ribbon cable alternative. There was a post about it here earlier with more information.

As Chris said, we are using special breakouts to improve the already impeccable performance of the Talons.
We worked through the night and have a horribly tuned version right now, but we should have it running quite well by tomorrow. As it is, the motors turn to the correct angle, but the drive motors cease to function. That was where we left off before the programmer decided they needed a nap.

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