pic: "Gear Head" - trophy for FIRST Finale Asphalt Challenge

On Saturday evening, April 19th, this traveling trophy will be awarded to the fastest robot at the FIRST Championships.

That’s right… if you have one of the fastest robots in your division, you may be asked to compete in the “FIRST Finale Asphalt Challenge”. The four fastest robots will be invited to compete in a 100 ft. drag race during the FIRST Finale, after the Championships awards are completed. This race will take place on the street in the middle of Centennial Park.

The prize will be possessing this cool trophy for 1 year, and having the ability to put your team’s sticker on the helmet.

The trophy consists of a 8" Performance Wheel, 19 gears, a 3/8" steel hex shaft, and a jet black racing helmet. Oh… and the gears and helmet spins.

The trophy will be located at the AndyMark booth in the Supplier’s Showcase.

This prize and contest is one of the ways we at AndyMark are saying “thanks” to the FIRST teams for supporting us.

Who wants to GO FAST!?!

You should do the same thing at IRI, i’m bringing a lap bot made for fun muahaha

Our robot only goes 10 fps. in high gear… Probably shouldn’t bother :frowning:

I’m already envious of whoever wins that trophy. That thing looks about a bonjillion times more awesome than the FIRST trophies :smiley:

I hate to be the one who brings rain on this (fast) parade, but I have a simple logistics issue.

Will teams who compete in this be able to pack their robots up afterwards if the pits are closing/closed?

Just wondering. I think this is an awesome idea, and just want to be sure by participating in this, that teams are not jeapordizing other important things. (Like shipping their robots home)

But I’m sure you thought of that already right? :wink:


Good question. The management at Show Ready Events and Sargent Productions are aware of this challenge. For the 4 teams invited to participate (and if they accept), their robot crates will be transported over to the FIRST Finale so that they can unload their robots to participate and then re-crate the robots once the race is finished. Then, the crates will be taken back to join the other crates to start their journey home.

Who feels the need for speed?

… oh, and there is now a graphic on the performance wheel tread area. You’ll have to stop by the AM booth to check this thing out. Did I mention that it spins?

Andy B.

Well, I was reading your description and I was like…

"Ooh, chrom-y… yep, nice trophy, yep… IT SPINS??? :yikes: " then I saw Andy Baker as the poster… yep, figures. Leave it to a man who makes a living out of spinny things to make a trophy out of spinny things. :]

Kidding aside, AWESOME trophy, Andy!

Who knows? Maybe you all will deem our robot speedy enough to compete?

Also, are you allowing autonomous modes to run the drag or does there have to be a human operator? I don’t think anyone can drive our robot as well as RALFF…


*orders new sprockets from Andy for atlanta…

That is one sweet trophy

Beautiful trophy!

I’ve always wondered why they call us gearheads, now I know…

WOW! any chance for a webcast of it/video capture please =]
anyhow, if i knew about this trophy, i would have designed a speedy robot just for that!

At 27 ft/s, I’d probably have to place my bet on Team 102, The Gearheads. :rolleyes:

So Andy, how well do your omniwheels handle on asphalt at high speeds? :ahh:

I think FIRST Finale Asphalt Challenge could double as “extreme product testing”:smiley:

How will you determine who’s the fastest robot?
Also, what will the actual drag surface be? I imagine it’s going to be on the road that runs through the park, but will they bring out carpet for it or will it be on the pavement?

“extreme product testing”… yeah, I like that.

We can make more omni wheels.

Key volunteers on each field will be asked to determine who the 4 fastest robots are by Friday at lunch. By then, they will see practice matches and a couple of Q matches. I will collect names and then we (Mark or Nick or myself) make personal invites to those teams. Teams will need to let us know soon if they want to do this or not.

I am pretty sure that we are running on the pavement, without carpet. There will be alliance stations out there, power for the OI’s, and some Mode Switches to help start things equally.

I can understand the concern for lack of carpet. If this is a problem for the invited teams, they can simply deny the invitation. This is simply a fun thing to do.

Andy B.

I’m deffinitly going with the gearheads ftw on this one. team 102 has a robot our team affectionately named “Splungy,” “Speedy,” and “Speedy Gonzales.”

Gearheads ftw:cool:

I’ll bet on 968/254. I believe their top speed is around 20 fps. and with six motors it doesn’t take long to reach that speed :eek:

Precision Guessworks Team 1646 would love to get a shot at that beautiful trophy but either way this race will be awesome and I hope to be present when it happens.

27 ft/s? They must really “Rush” around the field :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Very punny.

That is a very sweet lookin’ trophy right there. We were thinking of making some trophies for our school LAN tournament, and I’m liking the stacked gears. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

:cool: I think this award should go to the team it’s named after :stuck_out_tongue: LOL!!! but yes… 27fps is what our lil bot does… geared for 30fps but hey, we can’t expect everything to go 100% :rolleyes: lol