pic: GearBox (865)

our new gearbox.

wow, that looks pretty good. It seems that it might be too heavy though, are you planning on shedding any weight from it?

well, we were thinking about drilling speed holes:P

Looks good, did someone on your team do the wielding or was it sent to a shop to get done?

Looks really nice. I’m wondering about your weight though, the extruded aluminum is goin to get heavy, if you had gotten your gearbox welded, you should’ve gotten your chasis welded too or maybe used the kit chasis, was a lot lighter than our last year’s robot chasis from extruded aluminum. But overall good job on your gearbox.

Welding looks good, looks solid.

Extruded aluminum is actually relatively light. The stuff we are using is 5oz per foot for the 20x20mm and the 30x30 is 10oz per foot. So for our whole chassis that is around (This is just an estimate, I didnt actually do the math) ten pounds.
Anyway nice gearboxes. What reduction do they give you?

The material itself is light. All the connectors and bolts and T-nuts are not.

Good point. I will have to think about that for our arm design which currently calls for quite a few bits of various types of hardware.

Ya, that must’ve been why it was heavy. I didn’t work on it much but I do remember that it was heavy. Must’ve been that, but is it actually possible to weld extruded aluminum to lighten it then if you actually plan on using it?

we found our extruded was coated with sumthing so if we ever wanted to weld we’d have to grind that stuff off. i think our teacher said it seemed like zinc coated. but we didnt weld anything and of course ended overweight :rolleyes:
and that looks beefy.

Our teacher welded the gearbox in our school (we are a technical school). We reduced the weight of this gearbox by shrinking down gears’ hub and of course “speed holes”.

Yes, you can weld it. We had it welded last year. You have to grind off the coating first.