pic: Gearbox Comic

My first little FIRST comic called Gearbox. I hope you like it.

Great comic. Thats “post in the crate” material

The only thing it needs is a plate of fish on the table and a couple of bananas in a fruit bowl (and a window looking out to a stop light, of course).

…and be completely underwater. :stuck_out_tongue:

the center piece should be a tetra.

w/e i like it…youve got a skill and should use it the best you can.

it should be filled with water about to the top of the table and with Dean floating in an innertube!:smiley: Also some balls from the '06 game floating around.

VERY nice.

starts redesigning the dining room to accomodate a rack

time to make the ceiling a little bit higher…whoops, is that my ROOM?!

uh oh.

Nice Job! Make more! :smiley: Your good at it.

come on guys there needs to be a bowl of fruit loops on the table!! haha nice comic man woo :yikes: