pic: gearbox open, geared down 10:1

Is this for two globe motors? Looks similar too what we almost used for our arm this year but ended up going with worm gears. Same reduction i think as well…


Is there any particular reason why you chose to do the reduction in three stages?

If you are looking to build a custom transmission with an end ratio of about 10:1, you can use COTS gears from AndyMark with only two stages using a 50:14 (3.571:1) reduction in the first stage and a 40:14 (2.857:1) reduction in the second stage, for an overall reduction of 10.202:1. And if you have access to a milling machine or lathe, it isn’t very difficult to lighten these gears with pockets and/or holes drilled through them.

I agree with Art. You can greatly improve the design (and make it easier to manufacture) by switching to the AndyMark Gears.

Ya there was a reason, and it appears it was a wrong reason :smiley: so I am probably going to switch it around. I usually use wmberg, their gears are expensive but their choices are great ant they are ammazingly precise.