pic: Geekery


My geekery is going great, how about you?

(Sign on the back of our bus)

Wow… nice. That l337 R0x0r5 my b0x0r5. Now if only we can talk the pilot into doing that on the plane with our trip to Atlanta…

now that’s the spirit!!! hmm airplanes…well just have to make sure it’s attached well…

Were taking a bus that is named “The Wildkat Bus”, hopefully…with a little window paint, we can do something creative. Maybe we could even cover up Wild and put Techno. :rolleyes: Any other teams taking a school charter bus?

We always joked around about making big magnets for that side to cover up the “Wild.” If you work fast you could get it done! :stuck_out_tongue:

I made a suggestion to decorating our bus for nationals…well to the students at least. lol i think sum tye dyed colors would be awsome on it lol

Hmm, I could bring down some huge, magnetic “flame” decals that you could cover it up with! They look surprisingly realistic and probably would work, as long as the sides are metal :wink:

Unless they’re really good magnets, I don’t suggest it. We sorta damaged the paint job on the two vans we had when we were going up I-4 and the magnets got sucked off :ahh: .