pic: Genesis Control!

This is a quick scan of my Genesis control system. Since the pinouts for the Sega Genesis controller are easy, and it came with a db9 female connector, it was just asking to be connected to the edu. A great Cheap controller. Search the forums for a thread on this to get building directions.

Whoaa… That has to take the prize for the most bootleg thing i have seen in awhile. Looks like something I might do. :slight_smile:

Heh. Do I get bonus points for the Oldskool factor? :cool:

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**Heh. Do I get bonus points for the Oldskool factor? :cool: **


The ribbon cable thing is just plain funny.

Heh, that’s a pair of floppy drive cables from my old 486. They actually plug into the digital in/out line good. More old-ness :smiley:

That’s beautiful. :slight_smile:

does it play megaman?

I’m sure if you wired a small LCD screen to the edu and programmed a small game, then sure. Cept megaman was originally on NES back in those days…
But…now Nintendo bought Sega, so that’s probably a valid statement.

Ever see this site? I’m so tempted…

I think I just found my next project :smiley:

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**I think I just found my next project :smiley: **

If you do, be sure to post pictures. Does anyone have any ideas for a creative place to stick a PC?

I’ve seen that long ago… and plan to build it when I have the cash flow.

Donations anyone?

My infamous conversion is the arcade machine. I’ve designed it, but dont have the time or funds to build it yet. But basically, you take and old arcade case, or build one, and rig a PC system running plenty of mame roms of course, and put it in the system.
I wanted to pimp mine out with a stereo, some neons, and custom rims :smiley:
Anyway, a guy can dream… :rolleyes:

Is ‘No Soliciting’ in the forum rules? :rolleyes: