pic: Genia Toss 2006

Surprisingly, I haven’t seen any photos of the Genia Toss yet. I figured someone would beat me by the time I finally got a chance to go through the photos I took, but I guess not.

There you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Genia Toss 2006.

OMG I look like I’m on a roller coaster. A rollercoaster for pale people…


definite caption contest

Look at Elgin in the back!

Hooray for the annual traditions of tossing Genia and playing keep away with her shoe.

Can’t wait to see what happens in Atlanta next year…if I can make it.

Not only me, but I can name 9 awesome people in this picture.

Fin, Genia, Billfred,(obviously) Ted 237, Myself, K Shaw 237, Liz 237, Ashley 1511, & Sam 230 (the socks are the only reason I recognize her lol)

Fun times in Atlanta… Glad I went.

Wish I could have been there, but our team went out for lunch.

Oh well, guess I didn’t really need to be hit by a flying Genia anyways. :smiley:

I missed all the fun. I’m glad the tradition has continued.

aw genia was fun to toss around :slight_smile:

hmm… still regretting the fact that i was not able to make it due to an intense situation in our pit. :frowning:

so did you get much distance?

True, but I was just pointing out your weird look on your face. :stuck_out_tongue:

All things considered, I think we got about four or five feet between Arefin and myself. (Of course, that was shortened since I kept moving forward after the toss.)

I might not have the range of 25’s shooter–but then again, a human being (even a conveniently-packaged one like Genia) tends to weigh a bit more than a Poof ball. :wink: