pic: geology kinda pays the bills

I hope I’m not making myself look like a fool… but I don’t get this at all… Could you explain it to me please?

I am assuming she is a park ranger or has a similar job. If not, I too do not understand this.

I want to know what kind of hammer and chisel she used to split that huge rock…

sorry if my humor is erratic but the jokes get boulder with time, otherwise I’d be just sitting here weathering time and hoping for moraine…

:rolleyes: --> my sediments exactly

Gneiss one, Wayne. i never met a more fickle joke than that.

Rock on!

Funny, but when I saw the picture (but hadn’t scrolled down yet) I though “Just how did she split that rock?”.

I also see the yellow cross, and wonder about the several stories in this one photo.


this is the ‘who i am’ photo for myself. graduated high school and from FIRST and eventually ended up in geology. im not a park ranger…I’M A GEOLOGIST. :]


Where are you in this picture and could you tell us a little bit about the stone?

this picture was taken minnesota. we were trying to find boulders that didn’t have much weathering to continue carbon dating tests about the glacier that ripped through this area and deposited these items. this was one of the boulders we found…apparently a problem causer when roads were slick. it of course has never been moved due to its large size cost. weathering was minimal and samples were exploded off. all in all fabulous trip!

yep- that was gneiss but you probably took it for granite.

(proof that for many years I’ve been losing my marbles - and looking to start new puns with a clean slate)

hope it cracked you up…

Now you know why Big Mike wanted out of my class soooo much

oh- by the way- I have an interest in geology too- one of my older sites (some links no longer there!)= http://www.njtraprock.org/

WC :cool:

Don’t you mean marble?:rolleyes:

dives for cover

what kind of crack is that!! geez- another chiseler to hammer me!!

It’s a good thing you are more than a stone’s throw from Mr. C. for that one.