pic: Georgia Dome 5-Shot Panorama Stitch

Date: Saturday
Location: 1st Level, Curie Field

Some of the photos didn’t stitch so seamlessly, but the general feel still came out. If anyone wants to give the stitching a shot, PM me and I’ll send you the origionals (there were actually 7, but the 2 on the ends are so far out of perspective that they wouldn’t come out well)

This picture was taken before those two jerk-kids went around the third level and destroyed everyone’s team numbers…

I am naive about the logistics of getting those numbers up there.

Does everyone use paper?

Do you take down your own number at the end of the competition?

190 started this last year using trash bags (and did it again this year), but we saw other teams using everything from newspaper to caution tape.

Saturday morning, they announced that all teams had to take down their numbers right away, but only a couple of teams (including us) did.

Ahh, thank you mind wanders wondering if there are orange trash bags

painful thought We left our robotics summercamps banners hanging - forgot all about them. We’re going to try to email someone to see if they have them to ship at our expense.

Ever heard of CalTrans? :smiley: Anyway, sorry about your banners. We’ve almost forgotten ours every year at the LA regional.

Personally I think it was really cool that lots of teams put up their numbers - it added some fun to the competition. Yeah, the clean-up spirit was probably lacking, but still, I liked looking up and seeing all those numbers… it was a creative thing to do. What really got me upset was a few hours after I had taken that picture, two kids wearing red shirts were walking around up there destroying everyone’s banners. If they would have been throwing everything out, it would have been okay since the Georgia Dome people didn’t like those, but no - they were just walking around taking everyone’s bags/napkins/whatever and tossing them on the ground. That really pissed me off - I tried going up there and finding out who they were, but a team scared them off before I got the chance.

Didn’t dean make an announcement that if they didn’t take them down the team would get charged for the cleanup? Or was he joking?