pic: Georgia Southern Classic Regional winning alliance

Winning alliance of the inaugural Georgia Southern Classic Regional!

From left to right:
1319 (captain)

Congrats guys! You really were on a whole other level in the playoffs, well earned win! Hope to get the chance to play with you all again in St. Louis, this regional had a lot of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Again, fantastic job!

Thanks for the compliments! Congrats on y’alls Chairman’s award win! 1902’s program is a really inspirational one to me and clearly to many others. I hope to see and play with y’all again at champs!

Really can’t stress it enough, congratulations on the big win. I know this one’s been a while in the making, but I bet it feels great! To the rest of Grady, you guys put out some major quality each year, and it’s nice to see you guys get the win! See you all at PTree. Interested to see the upgrades you’ve got in store for us.
Andy - 1261