pic: Get ya hot dogs here!

What do FIRST Volunteers do during off-season to prevent withdrawal?
Volunteer at the local middle school!
(Middle schools are potential FLL teams and…. and our kids attend the school too)
My friend Sal and I cooked and distributed over 300 hot dogs to 170+ wild & crazy 6-graders at their End of Year picnic. (I never want to see another hot dogs again) :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya know, Rich…

You could put a sprocket on those spoked wheels, run each sprocket to a CIM motor, drive those CIM motors with Victors and an IFI controller, and you would have one sweet hotdog-mobile.

I can see you now… driving that hotdog mobile from street corner to street corner, from school to school.

I’ll have mustard on mine!

Andy B.

ps… Rich, you are always up to something! Way to go!

Thanks Andy.
I’m thinking of HS Freshmen Orientation… :yikes:
We always give a demo of the FIRST robots.
Now… if we get a hot dog wagon and do the conversion… we can drive it around… motorized the umbrella… get a synth. voice… ejection system for the hot dogs… the possibilites are enormous.

Don’t be surpised if a FIRST Hog Dog wagon shows up at the NYC Regional. :smiley:

how about mounting the heater/dog box/etc. on an old bot? that’d be cool.**

Didn’t I see this on Monster Garage?

Yes… yes I did.

don’t forget that you could climb the stairs easily with those wheels :smiley:

I completely agree with Andy on this one … you would have one ‘sweet hotdog-mobile’!!! :smiley:

It’s a great opportunity to show freshmen and new kids that are intrested in joining for the first time some of the many creative ideas that take place within our teams. That will surely interest your potential members! Good luck with the Freshmen Orientation.
I know that this would definetly have gotten my attention and filled me up at the same time … yuum! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job, you guys … this is an awsome creative example … :rolleyes: maybe my team should have one of these :rolleyes: oh well, just a tought! :yikes: