pic: Getting ready for preflight


2:30 AM this morning and our Bot 1 is finally assembled and is absorbing adaptive knowledge and wisdom from the programmers. Parker and Brian won’t be sleeping till ship.

The bot is light and fast with very low CG with the elevator in the top position.

Less than 2 seconds from ground pickup to top position. High speed is 17’/sec with 6 ft/sec low gear.

Laser cut sheet metal frame from .090 AL. I was amazed how all the rivet holes lined up perfectly this year. Good job!!!


Looks really nice. Very similar to our robot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN_TCM8zj0A

2 stage elevator with a carriage and roller gripper. 2 speed transmission (we’re 7 and 16 fps I think), and a custom, riveted frame. Good luck, maybe we’ll see you at championships