pic: girls on the rack I

having fun in the rack.

They must be time travelers!

Can you tell us what the winning design is so that we might all build the one that works and change history.

Look at the date.

The date format used by most non-American countries is DD/MM/YYYY, making this a photo from February 5th, 2007, or two days ago. :wink:

I see I did not look at the from to see that they were in Brazil.

Can’t you see it? Beatty is obviously gonna win the whole thing with a PVC stick that will make all our jaws drop contemplating it’s simplicity. It’s always the same! :wink:

No springs to the floor?

Wow, I’m mostly jealous because I can’t go outside without slipping on a 2 inch thick sheet of ice :mad: ITS SO COLD HERE oozes jealousy

It looks cool! Where are your stingers? We found on the layouts that there was a small piece of tubing or something that makes it harder to put rings on…

Do you guys have the sensor lights on your rack yet?

very nice. is it made out of metal? or PVC?