pic: GM & Simbotics -- Teaser #1

New from GM & Simbotics, Team 1114.

New from GM & Simbotics, Team 1114. You’ve seen our gearboxes, now take a look a this. A prize (awarded at either Pittsburgh, Long Island, Toronto or Atlanta) goes out to the first person who can give me a detailed and somewhat accurate explanation of what this is.


I’d guess but I believe that I have inside info. Hope it works good for you. Keep us informed on progress. See you in New Hampshire.

You’ve got me. All I’ve got is the limit switch. Can’t figure out the black mysterious thing, it looks evil. My best guesses were that this was all on a really blown up and the black round globe was a IR detector. I think thought it an evil wand to make the small red balls all collaborate to lift you and your partner and both other team robots to hang on the bar and then have them split themselves and put 1 more in your goal than your opponents and then cap themselves. Sounds like a great idea but I think I saw it in fantasia. And you remember what happen when the apprentice tries to be the wizard. I hope for your sake you are the wizard, because that many balls could be dangerous. (make sure you ask Q&A before you do this for safety, will someone please post this…J/K, J/K…lol)

Looks good. Good luck and I can wait to find out what and how this works. Can’t you divulge just a little…

looks like a very complex ball grabber sensor… or an evil device to use to take over the world… either of those.

Well I’d say the limit sensor detects when the end of the pole is pushed in, but the “why” I haven’t figured out yet.

Unfortunately this is not some sort of magical device. We felt that type of design was a bit too ambitious. Maybe next year.

Seriously, here’s a hint. That black object at the bottom of the extruded aluminium is actually just a simple ball caster.

The prize is still up for grabs, keep those guesses coming.

My guess it is either for turning or for get up the step. Or on from to hit the small balls with. I’m going with for turning and get on the platform I don’t know the other reason to have a ball casters.

The Ball Caster is able to move up and down just a bit, moving the wire tripping the limit switch which cause another mechanism to fire. Maybe for driving along the side of the field until you hit the open space right before the 10 point ball. Then the mechanish trips and fires out a small something to knock off the 10 point ball.


I have no idea, but I do think it will hurt me.