pic: Go Firebirds!!!

Birds on 3! Birds on 3! 1-2-3 Birds!!! Haha. Good times

those hats look strangely familiar :cool: … lol… u ladies did very well at the capital clash… congrats

Next year, I am rooting for two teams I don’t really even know…433 and 1547, showing girls can beat the boys…haha

Ditto on the congrats, very good performance at the Clash. Lots of fun. Haha, we played more matches with you guys than we did with our playoff alliance! I can’t belive they switched the schedule so that we were playing the #1 alliance!

CONGRATS! You gals did a great job this year :slight_smile:

I guess it just isn’t a FIRST season for me unless I say hello to the Firebirds.

Hope y’all can come back to Palmetto this year!

gah! we cant go to palmetto b/c it’s the same time as philly! thanks to 306 for letting us borrow their hats b/c they’re awesome!

n thanks for the congrats! :smiley:

yay! thanks kyle. We will dress you up like Waldo if we end up going to the same competition :wink:

btw your shirts look vvvvaaaggguuueeelllyyy familiar…maybe we share like same-shirt instincts! who knows? hehe

My team went to the clash. I spent three days before it fixing random problems then i didn’t even get to go :frowning: . I heard our robot completely fell apart and got bent up (it was in bad shape even before the clash). :rolleyes: I guess that will just support my carbon fiber/Kevlar frame proposal (always take a problem and use it as a base for perfection). :smiley: Anyhew congrats and hope to see you guys… gals at VCU this season.

i agree with our human player (NICE HATS!) and also with our team congrats

Sorry for reviving this ancient thread, but…

MY HAT !!!

P.S. Researches at Yale found a connection between brain cancer and work environment. The No. 1 most dangerous job for developing brain cancer? Plutonium hat model.