pic: GO, Leafs, GO!!!


well this is just me bragging to those guys in the Newton division who saw us and started chanting for the fliers to win, well too bad. LEAFS WIN!!! Go LEAFS GO …sorry guys

PS thanks Mobotics for their assistance in the Go LEAFS Go chant, we sure showed them fliers fans

leafs are so going to win this series!!!

sorry fliers


Dudes, I believe you have the wrong flag up there???

Hey, dont get me wrong, the fliers are a good team, but they just cant match the Toronto Maple Leafs! Sorry to the other fans, but only one team can win the Stanley Cup, and its gonna be the LEAFS!


lol…but we were really lucky in that first OT yesterday…the flyers had us beat for a bit, especially when a player came into the slot and shot one past belfour, then hitting the pipes and coming out…

go leafs go


go oilers!

At Six Flags, about four different groups of people actually approached me and said that Philly would prevail. Prepare yourselves.



Hey, we are playing without a real goalie, and we still managed to beat you guys once, dont worry, we will prevail.



I believe that’s all that needs to be said…

LOL… what does that say about the team when the fans dont have support for the goalie ;)… though i would have to agree… cechmanek isnt the best of choices for playoff goalies…and eliminated 4 out 5 years in the first round? hmmm

*Originally posted by ZACH P. *
**Hey, we are playing without a real goalie, and we still managed to beat you guys once, dont worry, we will prevail.


Edit: Detroit is out of the playoffs. I’m not going to defend them - they just didn’t play well this year.

At least I’ve still got my second-favorite team in the hunt…


yep…its still one more chance for the wings tonight…

joseph hasnt been playing that badly either… 1.90 something goals against… its just that gigure has been amazing

I love how on an international forum with members from all over the world there is a thread started cheering on one team out of all the teams in North America. I guess it is because the leafs are the best team in the world

 GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!

amen to that :smiley:

Why was I the only one (that I noticed) brave enough to wear his teams jersey in Houston? Oh yes, I AM CANADIAN. Go LEAFS Go.

Please send my regards to the Detroit Dead Things

See what i started, the leafs are totally gonna win

Steve i was supporting the leafs too, for all of thursday i had the leafs shirt , and the whole weekend i was wearing the Leafs Hat which TML was so kind in giving to our team, but of course you were the only one with the jersey, and we bow before you for doing so.


man triple overtime

belfour is the saving grace right now

66 shots… Without Belfour this game would’ve been much shorter…

Don’t touch Roenick again. At least he’s not wearing a 3-foot long jaw protector like Sundin was last week.

Good game, guys- looking forward to the next one :wink:

that was a phenomenal game by both sides…its almost playing 2 whole games in a span of 5-6 hours… amazingly strong atheletes… ive no beef with roenick now

but primeau was being a hardnosed forward, driving into belfour whenever he had it smothered… i dont like that :stuck_out_tongue:
belfour faced 75 shots! aaah