pic: Goat-Dactyl Pumpkin


No pumpkin carving party should be complete without a robot pumpkin! Pattern based on this photo: pic: 190 flying at the crack of dawn - CD-Media: Photos - Chief Delphi

Great Job! I can see the resemblance very clearly! :ahh:

…But why this robot? :rolleyes:

-q… is going to be a pirate tomorrow.

Time to make a CNC pumpkin carver. :stuck_out_tongue:

there are already Dremel pumpkin carving kits :smiley:

Like this? lumenlab.com - lumenlab Resources and Information.

The robot was chosen on availability of suitable pictures and dimensions. I had originally considered carving El Chupacabra-Goat, but finding a really tall pumpkin is quite difficult

That is crazy.

It’s a bit difficult to tell from the picture, is everything orange carved all the way through? If so, that’s pretty darn impressive, there’s not a whole lot there supporting the remaining pumpkin.

Yup! I had extra supports in the design originally, but after cutting it I realized that it was strong enough to remove the supports.

Over grown Zucchini work well for that. We carve our zucchini at home for Halloween when they start to get out of hand. We have had some that are 5" in diameter and about 2 feet long.