pic: Goat Drive 2013

829 is doing a drivetrain other than mecanum…:yikes:…is that even legal? lol

Speaks volumes for how small these robots are when you place one on a Vex field :rolleyes:

Awesome drivetrain though! Love the gears.

We have done only one mecanum competition robot in our history.

Ya if you think about it like this, a past robot would be 38" x 28". This year if you keep the length then you’d have 38" x 17" or keep the width and have 27" x 28". These are gonna look like little children compared to past years’ bots.

Really? I could have sworn I asked a few people on your team back in 2011 and they said you guys were on like your 3rd or 4th mecanum robot.

Nope just that year (although I wish we would have used them for Breakaway.) Our t-shirt robot occasionally sports them.

Is there an ano’d version of this drive in the shop somewhere?

Looks really nice!

Not yet :slight_smile:

There is a bit of a debate (at least in my head) of color combo.

Ah. Deciding between gold & black vs. black & gold?

the team decided on black and gold.