pic: Goggles


Wow. I would so pay for a pair of those.

I wish I had a pair of those. lol :ahh:

I’m so jealous…

The 3DWolf wants a pair!

(Talking in the 3rd person is amazing)

:] PFFTT… totally the goggles sold at radio shack, FIRST has the Vex robotics kita there and they sell safety goggles along with their stock of robot build parts and kits , pretty sick.

I would pay for a pair of those, im sick of wearing the big bulky pair on top of my glasses. Those are sooooo coool:cool:

I need one of those, I could finally see without my googles fogging up.

they are nice and shiny! my goggles fog up as well. it makes things difficult to see.

I wish :frowning: but they dont sell the vex kits anymore nore do they sell any of the parts. It all went discontinued due to the fact that the kit was too expensive for the general public. For those who were not involed in FIRST and just wanted a robotics kit to play around with they thought it was too expensive. we didn’t sell any to people other than local teams in my area untill the kit we on clearence for $99.99

but for what it counts amazon.com of all places sells glasses like those for around $7.00 :slight_smile:
As for the picture it almost looks like you took some old glasses lenses and attached them to the saftey glasses for some home made perscription saftey glasses.

yeah i totally found that they stopped selling the “vex collection” when i went to buy a pair of those glasses and some limit switches. To say the least i was quite bummed out.