pic: goin up the side nice and level

Wow all our long 6 weeks right here.

anyways we (710) are a 2x ball manipulator, step climber, and we can hang, hopefully with our low base (<1" off the ground with wheels up) we can push the balls around a bit (but this is not our main strat).

some of the things we are really proud of is our drivetrain which goes over the step nice and level allowing us to push foward on other people if they are blocking and getting flipped not being a big issue at all (we hope its 0 flips). The way we hang is we grab the bar with our arm then pull our wheels up. There are two pics of this in the gallery too.Our lexan or polycarbonate sides were not on at the time(being measured and cut.)

here is a video it might or might not work you need the right codec i think
710 Video (you might have to try it several times NOTE: it is large 25MB)

comments/crticism are welcome!

this looks pretty cool…kind of like something we were designing early. the back wheels are drill drive…the front are drive by the chips right? i’ll have to e-mail this to our nu-matics team…they’ll love what you’ve done.

Both sides are driven by a gearbox. You can see the chippy sticking out there. We only have one chip per side geared to go between 7-9fps (weight and time reasons). The forks themselves just have a chain running between both shafts,here’s one of the drive modules ,and there is a one 8" stroke pnematic cylinder per wheel. haha yea our pnematics guys had a *great * time putting this one together.