pic: Going big on CD

This is CD on our 7’ X 17’ screen at work. We call this screen the “Power Wall”. There are two very large projectors behind the screen. They are blended in the middle to fill the whole screen.

We use it for presentations and simulation software. It also can be used in 3D mode. We wear goggles that track were we are looking. We use this for when we make entire factories virtually and then travel around in 3D looking at ways to make the plant work more efficient.

Its also great for movies and music videos.

now that is huge! ahah 204’’ of CD the biggest so far

All I can say is “oh goodness, look what I have started.” :slight_smile:

fine you win…Travis’s head is like 3 times the normal size.

Okay you win.

You could just read the picture description and find that " 7’x17’ screen at work". I do have to say, that is a pretty impressive display and I’d like to see someone top it.

I might be able too… :wink:

Not sure what size the screen is though…

Height wise, it could be beaten on a lecture hall screen, however length would be a challenge.

announcer voice And the ChiefDelphi biggest big screen award goes to…Jimmy Holmes!!!

theres only 3 screens that can be bigger… and IMAX movie or a drive in movie screen or a regular movie screen

well i guess we are going ot have to arrange that



First, I’d like to take a moment to say you’re all crazy!

Second, if someone tops that and can prove it, I’m buying them a Krispy Kreme in Atlanta, if topped, IM/PM/Email me so I know to bring extra cash.

Sometimes you all scare me :yikes:.

What if we top it while we are in Atlanta? Or do we only get the Krispy Kremes if it is accomplished before we get to Atlanta? I need to know the exact requirements for this challenge! Once you throw down with Krispy Kremes, it is time to get serious! :slight_smile:


How big is the Jumbotron?

<edit> Should have googled before I posted.

Answer: They have two 20x34’ screens. Watch out.

okay Matt you just made a bet with the wrong man, cause he will a) either get it put on all the big screens at atlanta, b) find some way to have it show up in the sky or laser etched into the moon, or mars, or somthing, or c) just get all the TV satellites, to show CD at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

God’s Speed Matt Krass

Wait a sec… I saw a projection of a map of earth on a big sphere somewhere… hmm…
Can CD wrap around a sphere too??

Ok, official challenge.

It must be topped by the end of finals in Atlanta. And you have to prove it to me, if you do it beforehand and send/post photo with an accurate reference in the photo, one KK of your choosing, if you do it at Atlanta you must find me and show me and you get two KKs. I’m fairly locateable.

Only one problem, can I get the KKs in the Dome? Being a student I have a very limited ability to go anyway besides event and hotel. If I can’t get the donuts, I’ll at least pay for them.

What about … getting CD on hundreds of monitors world-wide at nearly the exact same time? Done.

I like my KK warm. You should be able to find me.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Man I hate loopholes.

Ok, so I owe Brandon a KK, I’m keeping the challenge up though since Brandon cheated :stuck_out_tongue:

Who else is getting me a donut?

(Brandon, remind me at the webhug.)