pic: Going for 15 tetras

At the Canada’s Wonderland off-season event there was a skills competition over the lunch break. This picture was taken during the How High portion of it. Fast Eddie III was going for 15 tetras, but unfortunatly caught the edge of the stack and the whole thing fell over. Awesome event!

Very impressive. It would have been nice if abilities like that were rewarded with points in the game.

I remember you guys from nationals. Great bot!

GO 1403!!!

Very impressive. How long did it take you guys to cap all 15 tetras? Where were you getting tetras from? Human player or Autoloader?

They didn’t actually cap all of those tetras. The way the “How High?” competition worked, was that a team would tell the officials how high they wanted to go. So if a team wanted to try capping 15 tetras high, we would place 14 tetras on the side goal. The team would then have 30 seconds from when they loaded their tetra (they could go auto or human) to try and score it. Any drops, or descoring resulted in failed attempt. Each team was given three tries.

Team 1006 finished in 2nd place by going 13 high. It seemed like 13 was going to be the winning mark, but some ingenuity by Team 188 allowed them to take the title home by going 14 high. Overall the event was a lot of fun, and it was very exciting seeing those immense stacks.

yeah, it probably would’ve been wise to go for 14, instead of jumping from 13 to 15, but we decided to go for broke :wink: we had never really tested how high our arm could stack. We had the height for 15, but our positioning was a little off and we knocked it over. It was pretty funny seeing the field crew needing a ladder to get the tetras up there though!

what is the top height to the tippy top of the arm from the ground
ours was around 15’ 6" at nationals we stacked 12 on the center goal on the practice field but then stopped in the fear we couldn’t get them down and we didn’t want to steal everyones practice tetras

i would like to know what team has the highest stacking ability or the worlds tallest first robot :smiley:

We never had a chance to measure it, so I’m not entirely sure of the max. height. Like I said before, we had never tried to see how high we could stack before the Wonderland event. Our drivers claim they could get 15 with a little more practice, and maybe even higher as we had a bit of extra height, it’d just take some tricky positioning. I too would like to know who had the highest stacking ability, there were some pretty awesome arms out there!

For anyone who was wondering, here is what happens when 15 tetras fall over!