pic: Going for 5 pointers

Ontario Science Center Practice Matches

i’m sure everyone is wondering the same question: was simbotics at this event?

Nope. Don’t expect to see them until the December 15th Toronto Tournament…

…and don’t expect to see pictures on CD until after the Championship, unless they’ve had a change of heart on the matter. (I don’t blame them for holding the position they’ve had–just tracking past experience.)

is that your robot reaching for the paired goal? i cant quite see the number right

Did they start the match with fewer rings than usual? I notice that there are very few rings left sitting on the floor almost none on the goals… and only three robots displayed. Was robot #4 hoarding a bunch of rings somewhere?

It strikes me that a “denial” defense, where a red machine attempts to grab all the blue rings before blue can get their grippers on them might be quite effective.


that was 163 robot, UHS wolfpack. i think in one match they scored 5 or 7 rings on the top post

4 Rings were 163’s max that day. I think they averaged 2 top rings per match that day.

Also, I have no idea where all the rings went. I think they are on the side goals you cannot see Oo.