pic: Gold Medals Appear Genuine.

This is some of the 229 college crew, and Karthik from 1114. The silly Canadian suggested this pose… weird!

Ut oh, now that these guys have tasted victory, we all better watch out.

Also, I see that Joel is almost smiling. :slight_smile:

Andy B.

People always told me that victory tasted sweet. I figured I might as well check for myself. Guess what? They were right…

On a side note, after our sugary victory, I saw both Joel and John crack a smile. Now how many peole can say that…:wink:

Do you know the difference between a Gold Metal and a Kazoo?

(apparently not!)

“Thanks, Simbot boy. You’re gracious, and professional.”

“Bless you, sir.” [CHOMP]

At the same time!?!? :ahh:
Ohh man… someone better inform NASA, the earth is about to slip off it’s orbit and spin into the sun.

I didn’t hear anyone complaining about our seriousness and intensity as we helped plot a course through the finals… I guess there is just no pleasing these people.

Wow, he never did that when he was on RAGE, what did you guys do to him:yikes: just kidding!!

Eveyone seems to forget this picture:

Yes, Joel, you’ll never live that down.

Wow, maybe that’s not really Joel, maybe it’s an imposter???