pic: Good for 60 pts!


This is a great picture of the FLR finalists, 1518, 354, and 340. 1518 had a great ramp, as seen above. 340 and 354 just about every time ramped in the end game for points. Thanks to 1518 and 354 for an amazing experience! We couldn’t have asked for a better alliance!
PS- look at all the celebration by our drivers, as well as the pit crew in the background. :smiley:

Who is that in the air next to giggles?


Is that John? Wow. Who knew he could ever get so excited?

Such a fun alliance.

Was this Finals 1-2? That was so dramatic!!!

are those pneumatics or rack and pinnon lifters?


Those are pneumatic cylinder that would lift the robots to 12 inches after we drive up the incline.

Those robots are sooOoooO awesome!!!
60 pts!