pic: Google Trends for Frisbee Launcher

Another one:


What’s going on in India?

What’s going on in February 2005? Certainly not FIRST, the 2005 game didn’t have any climbing at all…

Seems to be a couple commercial climbing robots, judging by Google results.


Google forecasts another spike in that trend for January 2014. What does Google know that we don’t?


Hmmmm… Interesting~:]

A spike during the summer every year? Hmmm…

http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=water%20game It’s going up…:yikes:

Put it is interesting that in 2010, there wasn’t a spike for ‘soccer robot’. There wasn’t a spike until June of 2010, when Google says ‘BC soccer robot competes for World Cup.’: http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=soccer%20robot

Also Obligatory

It looks like the heartbeat of FIRST robotics

wonder if the April peak for ‘frisbee launcher’ was from the GDC…