pic: Got FIRST?

A few of the 700+ ‘Got FIRST?’ shirts we brought with us to Atlanta

I wore mine a few days ago. :slight_smile: I also like my new VEX shirt that I got at the VEX booth. Your shirts are awesome and everyone loves the name “the holy cows”. Thanks for the shirt!

I want one of those. =)


Same here, how much for one!

^^^^ my reply equals an average of the 3 above posts =D

Sadly we’re all out :frowning: We ordered 1000 shirts for Las Vegas and Atlanta and came home with none. We are thinking of doing another run of the shirts, but we’re low on money.

However, Freddy does bring up a good point. How many of you would be interested in paying a few dollars for a ‘Got FIRST?’ shirt? The charge would include the cost of shipping and handling. The catch is that in order to get the shirts as cheap as possible we would have to order them in lots of 48. Is anyone interested?

I would like 3:
1 L
2 XL

Please and Thank you,

I take 2 XXLs.

How much is a few dollars?

I would not mind at all paying a bit of cash per shirt, then again what is this few dollars. Also while I love the shirt, do you plan to do new designs each year?

Actually I’m not sure if XXLs are an available size in the lot. I will check and make sure.

Here is a break down of the costs:
$3-$5 for the cost of the shirt, it depends on sales and lot sizes.
$1-$2 for shipping and handling.
So the shirt shouldn’t be more than $7 or $8.

I’m not sure. I have thought about changing the design for next year. Then again I’m also not sure if we’ll be giving t-shirts away next year, because of how expensive shirts can be. This year we spent about $3000 on shirts, plus another $3000 on buttons, sharpies and iPod cases.

I will talk to our team coordinator tomorrow to make sure that we want to sell these and what the final prices will be. We will also set up our PayPal account to accept orders.

Okay folks,

Looks like we’ll be selling shirts for $12. We’ll be setting up our PayPal account accept orders within the week. This $12 includes shipping and handling. I will post the link to our PayPal account as soon as we are ready.