pic: Got my plates.

Cool plates, inspired me to see if I could do something similar for my truck but apparently due to Virginia designations for non personalized plates it appears I can’t do FRC XXXX. Any CD folks out there have a witty solution to show team pride that doesn’t use 3 letters then 4 numbers?

What kind of configuration (XX-XXX? XXX-XXX? etc) does it need to be in? I’m sure someone could come up with something.

It can be in any configuration, 6 characters or 7 if one of them is a - or space.

If you want to try combinations for VA (and see availability) go to.


7 characters and a space are allowed on most plates. FRC<space>2068 is not available as a customized plate as it is reserved as a “regular plate”, but 2068<space>FRC is available.

Regular plates are XXX YYYY (where X is a letter and Y is a number)

We have TEAM910 as our Michigan plate :slight_smile:

Figured I’d add to the plate party. I wish more people would do this because I would love to catch people’s plates on the road!

Judging by the date of the photo I’m going to say, since January 2004… I have a newer car now, in case anyone is wondering, ha. :rolleyes:

It’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. That van has been vandalized at a FIRST event before…


not gonna lie, i have special plates too

Our team leader has TM XBOT. The team gave them to her as a gift. :slight_smile:

Summer project: set it up as a bait car with cameras.

A gift from my wife… she understands the importance of total commitment. :smiley:

I can’t quite see it…

Sorry about that, having trouble uploading image but will eventually fix.

That’s just terrible. Sure it wasn’t just random?


I don’t want to get into the details here for obvious privacy reasons, but yes, we’re pretty sure. Obviously can’t be certain.

Maybe this will do the job?

Wow that’s pretty sad. I sure am hoping it wasn’t at a Canadian regional, but I have a feeling it was… Either way that’s terrible to see from someone. Some people just don’t understand the true meaning of Gracious Professionalism…

Amen to that. It is sad to think that this happened at a FIRST event.

That’s pretty low. Done solely to be a personal blow… It’s not like when 1730’s trailer was ripped off in 2010; the losers who did that did it for non-personal finacial motives.

Agreed on the camera system idea… there are other anti-vandalism “ideas” I have heard about but they wouldn’t be to gracious or professional and they are probably illegal (like the 120VAC key zapper).