pic: Got Orbit Balls???

I found these back stage at the Oklahoma City Regional.

That’s a lot!

didn’t want to start a thread about this so I’ll post here since it has a pic to go with it.

Was anybody as surprised as me that the Orbit balls held up much better than anticipated, or did other regionals have tons and tons of broken balls? I know Traverse City didn’t have a lot, they maybe fixed 20-30 balls the whole weekend which is way less than i was thinking would happen.

The ones at GSR held up pretty well… I did see a lot of plastic rivets though…

ill pay one dollar for them all

2 dollars!:smiley:

There was a person repairing orbit balls all day at GSR next to the machine shop.

To her, I say “Thanks, you did a great job”.

Kinda wish I got her name.

I was pretty surprised too. i thought these orbit balls were gonna be squished. I guess robots are more gentle than humans 0.o

Orbit balls = my best friends :slight_smile:

Go 1918! haha

go to walmart and they’re 10 a pop so good luck with that.
for kc being one of the biggest 1st week regionals we only had 40.
none where really broken… guess kc’s just a nicer regional. (also according to our mc from cali.)

I have to say that watching most of the matches by the field, there were not many that were broken. They were only damaged by the robots attempting to hurd them into the corner station. They were then crunched up against the playing field. Some were repaired, but a few were replaced. I’m guessing that they will send the remainder of the balls to the next regional. I hope by the final week, there are enough to go around.

I bet “TapeWorm” would try to eat all of them…wouldn’t he? :smiley: